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Is there a way to protect certain assests against being a part of Probate?
Camille Sebreth

Many people beleive that once they pass on, their Will will be followed to the letter. When the Probate process begins, there may be issues of the Will that are contested, and may not be resolved according to the wishes of the contents of the Will. There is an Estate Planning tool that you may use to keep certain items out of the Probate process. You can set up a Living Trust and include virtually any items and assets in the Living Trust, such as real estate, homes and property, vehicles, bank accounts or other investments in your portfolio, and more. You must name a "Successor Trustee" who will preside over the trust with full authority of the assets contained in the Living Trust. Anything held by the Living Trust will be exempt from the probate process.

Answer Provided By Camille Sebreth / Orlando, FL Estate Planning Attorney

Answers By Attorneys
Answers By Attorneys

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